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Are you always at a crossroads of balancing technical process innovation, budget, manpower, and security?

For all levels of the public and government sector, create a better way to interact with you military population. Enhance the ability to deliver and refine resources for a community driven by selfless service and sacrifice. Create a way forward to reduce your homeless populations, address mental health, and under/unemployment through proactive preventative data.


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Financial Institutions

Accelerate your financial services organization’s digital transformation with AI driven customer insights that help you deliver a consistently personalized customer experience across all channels.

◉ Increase the methods you use to reach the military community

◉ Insights to getting more homeowners

◉ Build a pipeline that is specific to an individual's circumstances

◉ Increase personalization

Educational Institutions

Increase your visibility of interested and eligible expected students.


Build a better relationship with intended attendees and create more expectations of your military community population.


Build more predictability around your programs and better results through data.

Healthcare Institutions

Create predictability in what expenditures you’ll require through data.


Interact with the most accurate information that will save time and cost providing you the ability to provide the best patient care.

Non- Profit & VSO’s

Non-Profits and Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs)

Be the human element and touch-point with powerful data and resources backing you.


Base every recommendation from the individual's service history and circumstances.


MyRuck will empower VSOs to provide accurate assistance, to more of the military community, faster.

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How we can help?

Reduce time & costs

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Reduce backlog

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Streamline benefits applications

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Utilize data that goes otherwise unused

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Military Community
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National Guard
+ Reserve

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1.2M +

Active Duty

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(Approx per year)

Service Members

Military Spouses

Active + Reserve

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17M +


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10k+ Adults

1.M+ Under 18


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