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Our Solutions


Intelligent Benefits Automation™ for Public and Private sector HR Teams


Reserve and National Guard Hiring

Military talent retention

Veteran hiring

Military spouse hiring

Dependent employee benefits

Our Core Features

Integrate the first-ever HR technology centered around the Veteran and Military-Connected Community


Benefits - Benefits Analysis & Forecasting

MyRuck accurately matches current and future federal, state, and local benefits eligibility providing the information and ability to utilize eligible benefits. With specific training, the model can better comprehend the unique needs and preferences of veterans, delivering a more customized service environment in response to job descriptions, benefits applications, etc.

Organizations may be eligible for Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) of up to $5,600 for each unemployed veteran hired, and up to $9,600 for each veteran with a service-connected disability 

“Helping you hire and retain employees”


Recruiting - Job Description and Resume AI/ML

MyRuck software analyzes and translates resumes to the civilian equivalent wording enabling employers and employment programs to better assist in career creation.

Studies show that for a company of 1,000 employees with 25 percent veteran new hires, cost savings amounted to $325,000 per year. —CEB Corporate Leadership Council The Business Case for Hiring Veterans (2013)

“Decreasing confusion and time”


Communication - LDRSHIP Chatbot

Improve service for veterans by providing 24/7 support through chatbots and other automated tools. This can help veterans get answers to their questions and concerns more quickly, and reduce wait times for support. Once trained, the model can provide round-the-clock assistance, resulting in greater access to services for veterans when they need it, thus enhancing customer satisfaction and user experience. 

Increase your ability to communicate, even with matters that are illusive: Through the Veterans Benefits Administration, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers educational benefits, home loans and a variety of technical and employment training programs. The Department of Defense may also offer relocation assistance.

“Provide access to available resources earned by your military affiliated employees”



Your team and employees don’t have to adopt another system! MyRuck integrates into current public and private sector HR systems! MyRuck is also integrated with Department of Veteran Affairs data to provide accurate service history, disability information, and action on eligible benefits.

Many military veterans will also be eligible for a variety of programs that can contribute to their professional development and their ability to relocate or retrain.

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