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MyRuck's single platform seamlessly brings together Veteran, Reserve, Military Spouse, and Dependent employees for improved recruitment, retention, and military benefits access. With our integrated solution, you can easily enhance your Veterans and Military Community pipeline and provide tailored benefits that meet the unique needs of this community.

Effortlessly Connect with Your Military Talent

“The first Intelligent Benefits Automation™ software connecting employers to Veterans & Military Community"

Personalized Benefits

See all your benefits in one place!

MyRuck provides the Veteran & Military Community with personalized information about the benefits they are eligible for and the steps they need to take to execute them. This helps create a shared understanding between employees and employers of what additional benefits they may be entitled to and how to access them.

Improved ROI


Our integrated solution improves your human capital ROI, while enhancing your Veteran & Military Community Pipeline through a uniquely tailored benefits access approach. 

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Utilize our AI job description creator and resume translator to find and review potential hire


When onboarding new employees our API extracts military document data


With the extracted data enhance your total rewards by leveraging the ability to provide corporate and create complimentary veteran and military benefits



Select “MyRuck” tab in your companies HR platform


View the complete dashboard of military benefits you qualify for and will qualify for in the fu


Request a certificate of eligibility and take action on any benefit at your disposal



Establish a mutual understanding of the entitlements available to your military workforce.

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