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Automating Service Member Benefits


Military Connected Benefits lack both parity and clarity


of Army National Guard surveyed do not know what benefits they’re eligible for


Of veterans use no system for 
tracking benefits eligibility


eBenefits legacy platform is the sole provider of benefits calculations ~ phasing out 2022



MyRuck Suite Integration

Since 9/11 roughly 2/3 of US service members surveyed do not know how many retirement points they have earned, and only 50% know how they would discover their earned benefits

API And Application Feed

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Track your service

MyRuck puts you in charge of tracking your service time and translating what that means to you. Benefits eligibility is calculated in real time so you can make the right decisions for you, your family and your career.

Analyze your options

MyRuck's scenario analysis mode will show you what impact career opportunities (deployments, title 10 orders, etc.) will have on your benefits.

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Easily Apply for Benefits

From buying a house to applying for school, MyRuck makes the process seamless by providing a one-stop solution for getting the most out of your benefits.

Helping you plan for retirement

Whether you are enrolled in the old High-3 system or the Blended Retirement System, MyRuck arms you with the tools to make the most of your retirement benfits.


Connect with fellow veterans

Still have questions or would like to share with your fellow veterans? Tap into the community.


What is MyRuck?

MyRuck is a platform serving local government and service members designed to enable the seamless ability to track and access benefits earned through their service as well as connect with other veterans and their families.

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The Team

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Victor Hill


Commander & Intelligence Officer, Army National Guard

Software Acquisition PM (7+ years)

Pepperdine EMBA Class of 2024

1 Overseas Tour

Brad Clark.jpeg

Bradley Clark


Prior Active Duty Army

Intelligence Officer, Army National Guard

Financial Services (9+ Years)

UCLA EMBA Class of 2023

1 Overseas Tour

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"Enabling military members to leverage every benefit"


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