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Maximize the value of hiring Veterans and Military-Connected with MyRUCK. Our platform simplifies military benefits management, driving cost savings, diversity, and retention.

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From hiring organizations, to ERP/HR systems, to research and policy partners, collaboration accelerates impact

Solutions by Sector

Enterprise HR and People Teams

Maximize Employee Benefits

Cut costs, not corners, and add value to your employees

Experience enhanced efficiency and empower your Veteran and Military-Connected employees with better resources and support. Designed to improve ROI, MyRUCK automates complex processes, reducing costs and administrative burdens.

Integrate MyRUCK with your HR Software
Empower your ERG and ESGs with realized cost savings
Maximize the Workers Opportunity Tax Credit
Customized modules just for your needs
Government HR teams

Support your employees and community through Integrated HR Solutions

Support your employees, and your residents

Transform your HR teams with MyRUCK, simplifying Veteran benefits. Through our secure automation and AI software, we reduce costs and administrative workload. Redirect resources and attention to better serve your employees and your community, reinforcing your commitment to public service excellence.

Actionable information for your Veteran and Military-Connected employees and population
Clearly understand the total value of your Veteran Families
Resource Reallocation for Enhanced Public Service
Safeguarded Information
Veterans and Military-Connected

Maximize Your Benefits, Advance Your Career

MyRUCK serves Veterans, service members (active, guard, reserve), spouses, and dependents

Unlock the full potential of your earned benefits with MyRUCK. Our platform is uniquely designed to guide you through the complexities of veteran-focused resources, ensuring you gain maximum access to the benefits you've earned. MyRUCK is committed to supporting YOU

Learn every benefit you qualify for whether its Federal, State, Local, or Programs
Generative AI Chat “LDRSHIP” JUST for your needs
Understanding what you qualify for now and in the future
3-steps to execution
Non-Profits and VSOs

Elevate Your Impact on Veterans and Their Families

Revolutionize your service capabilities with MyRUCK.

MyRUCK empowers you to assist Veterans and their families more efficiently and accurately. Harness the power of MyRUCK to expand your reach, enhance service quality, and uncover insights into veteran populations. Join us in our mission to make a significant difference in the lives of veterans and their families.

Increased Efficiency in Veteran Assistance
Expansion of Reach and Impact
Decrease time and improve quality of service

Build with us!

We're now conducting free pilots to test and train additional algorithms

Our Technology:‍

Human-Centered AI

Hyper-Automation in Action.
Deep Learning at Play.
Cognition Every Day.

Dive into the heart of our solution - driven by Human-Centered AI (HCAI). MyRUCK analyzes over nine billion scenarios and creates a bespoke benefits critical path, delivering efficiency and accuracy at every step for the veteran community and businesses that employ them.


Unified HRIS APIs

Integrated APIs

Seamless Integration through Unified API

MyRUCK is designed for smooth integration with existing ERP and HR systems, our partnership with Merge ensures that MyRUCK aligns perfectly with your business processes.


Benefits Critical Path

Benefits Critical Path

Unlocking Efficiency with Critical Path Aggregation

Improving the way Veteran benefits are managed through Critical Path Aggregation. By analyzing nearly 9 billion scenarios and data points, we create the most efficient route for benefits usage per individual. This innovative approach ensures that no opportunity is missed, and every process is optimized for the best outcome.


BLUF: Your Analytics Dashboard

BLUF - Your Analytics Dashboard

Data-Driven Insights for Informed Decisions

Transform data into actionable insights with MyRUCK’s advanced Analytics. Dive deep into the metrics that matter and uncover trends that drive strategic decision-making. Our analytics tools provide a clear picture of your HR operations, assisting you in making informed decisions that enhance performance and productivity.


LDRSHIP - Your Generative AI Chat

LDRSHIP - Your Generative AI Chat

Transform HR Communication with LDRSHIP

Engage with MyRUCK’s Generative AI Chat for real-time, intelligent support. Our AI-driven chat system offers instant assistance, answering queries, providing recommendations, and guiding users through the intricacies of veteran benefits management. Experience a new level of interaction that’s intuitive, responsive, and always available.