6-Week Pilot

Help us to create a Better Future for Veterans and Businesses


The objective of the free MyRUCK pilot

The objective of the free MyRUCK pilot is to validate effectiveness and efficiency of MyRUCK's solutions in both the private and public sectors with a focus on select Veteran Military-Connected Employees (VMCEs).


6 Weeks


Public Sector
Private Sector


6 Week Pilot: The Scope

We want to validate the value add for your employees and your company. In conjunction with the vision for your organization, we will provide specific data and analysis to ensure you improve your bottom line and save costs while filling employment gaps. MyRUCK will also show how your employees can leverage benefits to improve quality of life and career advancement while reducing your expenditures.

Demonstrated interest in Veteran employment
Willingness to provide feedback
Size and scope of the organization (Medium to Enterprise)
Savings + ROI Opportunities
Workers Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)
Grants & Program Identification
Veteran Benefits

MyRUCK Product Testing

Benefits Analytics and Service Eligibility Database
The Analytics
Smart Generative
AI Chat Interface
Evaluate over 1,000 benefits scenarios per employee
Use of BLUF for dashboard insights
Optional use of LDRSHIP for leadership development
Implementation of BASE for data collection and analytics
Evaluate integration applicability and user interface experience
Tailored to each employees data
Interface we use to test benefits scenarios and prompt interactions

Weekly Pilot Milestones

Week 1: Onboarding

• Signed Employee Data Release and LOI Pilot Agreement
• Initial Data Injection from Employee (information required)
• Pre-Pilot Survey

Week 2: Implementation

• Deploy MyRUCK for data collection
• Set-up dashboards

Week 3-4: Analysis

• Weekly check-ins for feedback
• Data collection and preliminary analysis

Week 5: Adjustments

• Make necessary adjustments based on feedback
• Continue data modeling (running 1000+ benefits scenarios)
• Employer input on module requirements

Week 6: Final Review and Reporting

• Participants receive private links to view results and provide feedback
• Decision on next steps
• Post-Pilot Survey

Metrics for success

Engagement and Satisfaction

Direct responses and feedback about modules

Data Collected and Analyzed

Accuracy in comparative analysis of employee/employer data

Benefits Eligibility Accuracy for Employees

Employees receive correct benefits eligibility analysis from MyRUCKs software

Identification of Cost Savings and ROI Opportunities for Employers

Employers receive analytical modules detailing summary of where costs can be savedEmployers also receive a summary of where the expanded application can provide additional cost savings and roi benefits.


Pilot-to-customer discussions (HR Integration)

Case-Study publishing

Expansion to other departments or sectors


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