Transform Conference Speaking 2024

Vic Hill
Vic Hill
January 15, 2024
Transform Conference Speaking 2024

Vic Hill, Founder and CEO of MyRUCK, Set to Inspire at Upcoming Transform HR Conference

Vic Hill, the dynamic Founder and CEO of MyRUCK, is poised to take the stage at the forthcoming Transform HR Conference, where he will share groundbreaking insights into the future of HR technology, with a special focus on enhancing the employment journey for veterans and military-connected individuals.

In his much-anticipated talk, "Empowering the Veteran Workforce: Innovating HR Technology for Tomorrow," Vic will delve into the unique challenges faced by veterans transitioning to civilian employment and how MyRUCK's pioneering platform is set to revolutionize this process. Utilizing hyper-automation and cognitive AI, MyRUCK aims to simplify and optimize the matching of veterans and military-connected employees with the benefits and opportunities they rightfully deserve.

Drawing on his extensive experience as a former Intelligence Officer and Commander in the US Army and California Army National Guard, Vic will share compelling stories and insights that underscore the untapped potential within the veteran community. He will highlight the critical role HR and People centered teams play in harnessing this potential to the benefit of both the workforce and the organization at large.

Vic's brief session will also touch on the significant impact of MyRUCK's technology on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, demonstrating how it not only facilitates veteran employment but also enriches the overall employee experience. This, in turn, enables veterans to leverage their benefits fully and contribute more meaningally to their workplaces.

Anticipation is high for Vic's presentation, which promises to ignite discussions among HR professionals about integrating MyRUCK's innovative solutions into their HR practices. The Transform HR Conference provides the perfect backdrop for Vic to showcase the mission and vision of MyRUCK, highlighting its commitment to transforming HR technology to better serve the veteran and military-connected community.

Stay tuned for updates from Vic's presentation and more by visiting our Newsroom at Join us in this transformative journey as we redefine HR practices to empower the veteran workforce, one innovative step at a time.

The future of HR is evolving, and I'm honored to be a part of that conversation at #Transform2024. Who else is going? I'd love to connect with you!

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